Fine Art

Rotten Beets 1 of 3 (oil paint)
Rotten Beets 2 of 3 (oil paint)
Rotten Beets 3 of 3 (oil paint)
TP (watercolor)
Sea Turtle (watercolor)
Octopus (watercolor)
Nostalgic Hands (watercolor on wood panel)
Finger Puppet (watercolor)
Marionette (watercolor)
Banksy Got the Spins (watercolor)
Dizzy (watercolor)
Lavender and Blueberries (watercolor)
Cacao Fruits on a Tree (watercolor)
Cinnamon (watercolor)
Cacao Tree Flower (watercolor)
Cacao Pod (watercolor)
Sugar Cane (watercolor)
I am the 2% (monoprint)
Black Elephant in the Room (monoprint, chine-collé)
Cryptid Love (monoprint)
Loch Ness Elephant (monoprint)
The New Yorker (monoprint)
Travelling (monoprint)
Reaching (monoprint)
Sewn (monoprint)
Family (monoprint)
Family (monoprint)
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